Since Obamacare Was Signed 3 Million Worse Off

The law was signed in 2010 and now three years later the number without any health insurance or with lousy insurance is up by 3 million to a total of 84 million.  That’s the facts in an article on Bloomberg news.  The number with no insurance at all is 55 million.

Besides people losing insurance there are lot of people whose co-pay deductions have skyrocketed.  In one instance I know about a public employee saw her co-pay go up from $1,500 to $3,300 a year, this when she got no raise at all.

Many more are worried that once the new law takes effect their companies will just drop their insurance completely and pay the fine instead.

Most of the uninsured will have to buy individual insurance plans with some government help.

When the smoke clears I predict for the average person it will be LIFA “Lousy Insurance for All”.

Single-payer, Medicare-for-all, Canadian Plan whatever you want to call a rational way of covering costs was never considered by the Obama regime.

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